Publication of the book Paisagens Culturais da Vinha: identidades, desafios, oportunidades. XX aniversário da classificação do Alto Douro Vinhateiro como Património Mundial
This collective and multilingual book discusses the theme of cultural landscapes of the vineyard that are Unesco World Heritage Sites, in their identity dimensions, challenges and opportunities and in various experiences, strategies, methodologies and practices of heritage management and enhancement. It is composed of numerous studies and projects developed in various scientific areas (history and geography, arts and literature, cultural heritage and environment), presented and debated, in dialogue and knowledge sharing, at the European Symposium on Cultural Landscapes of the Vineyard, with final scientific texts assessed by referees. The reference context covers the fourteen vineyard cultural landscapes recognised in Europe by UNESCO as World Heritage between 1997 and 2015, located in seven countries: Germany, Austria, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland, which proves the historical, cultural and natural importance of European viticulture.

Publication of the book Paisagem da Cultura da Vinha da ilha do Pico, 15 anos património mundial (Unesco)
Printed and illustrated publication alluding to the celebrations of the 15th anniversary of the classification as World Heritage attributed by UNESCO to the Landscape of the Culture of the Vine of the Pico Island. Promoted on the Pico Island, between 27 June and 2 July 2019, by the Direcção Reginal do Ambiente dos Açores, included the  III Workshop «Cultural and Wine landscapes Heritage of Humanity. Commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the classification of the Pico vine culture landscape as a UNESCO World Heritage Site».

The book, published in partnership between the Direcção Regional do Ambiente (Azores) and CITCEM, will include, over 250 pages, the 3rd workshop conferences, with peer review evaluation, and other contributions from Direcção Regional do Ambiente dos Açores - Parque Natural do Pico, Gabinete Técnico da Paisagem da Cultura da Vinha Ilha do Pico and Transdisciplinary Research Centre «Culture, Space and Memory».

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